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Target Image and 3d Animation on cloud

September 30, 2016 - 12:40am #1

Hello, I am starting with Vuforia  so I guess this is a newbie question..

I want to use Vuforia and Unity to run animations based on image Target. I want to store thousands of image target , so I know I can use Cloud database, but for every single image target I want to create a unity animation (Animation using 3d Model), so I want to know how to store all 3d animations in a cloud or website and load Media content(Animation) in user mobile.

My application is for a movie theater, so when user use application to track movie billboard , a 3d animation model comes out...

Image target will be constantly updated(Cloud recognition) and 3d Animation as well, but I dont know how to get media content from the cloud.


I really appreciate any help.




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