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Too many recos!

September 15, 2015 - 6:44am #4


after I send the billing team a mail and vuforia support once more outdone themself by giving me a generic message, which said I should write it into the forum, I have the following problem (I´ll send it to the production support as well, maybe I´m lucky) :

here is my original message:



We are experiencing some odd behaviour, which is especially strong this month, even though it might have been the case in the last months, too. 

Our Tracking-Numbers (Recos) seem to be much higher than possible. Therefor we got the 80% warning yesterday. We are currently checking our code to look for any holes, but I´d say we get at least every tracking double! 

I didn´t see any posts in the forum which suggests, that this could be a common problem. Did you experience any similar problems in the past? If you check out the reco-times in your database (which I guess you have in more detail) do you see, that the trackings always come in pairs or bundles within 1 second or something like that? 

We really need support on this and I write to you (even though you might redirect it to tech-support) in order to ask, if there can be made a exception this month concerning the extra-trackings which we probably will have, since the recos are gathered by a faulty behaviour. 

Please get in contact with us about this matter. 

Thanks in advance 



Until now we didn´t find any point in the code which hints that there might be additional tracking querys. As soon as a tracker ist found (CloudRecoEventHandler-OnNewSearchResult) we disable the Tracking by: cloudRecoBehaviour.CloudRecoEnabled = false;

I checked the state of this field during the show and I dont get any double DebugLogs. 

Is there somebody who has some kind of hint for me?

Best regards




Too many recos!

September 17, 2015 - 12:23am #3


thanks for answering.

I call 

mImageTracker.TargetFinder.ClearTrackables (false);


QCARBehaviour.enabled = false;    


I think that´s how it´s is done in the sample I was building up upon. Did this change in a way that this could result into multiple trackings?!

Because: The behaviour of the app is ok, and it effectivly stops tracking as far as I can tell by the console.

Since we will reach 100% of our Cloud-plan today and will apparantly have to pay for all extra trackings (since no support answered me on my question for a special regulation), there are some angry faces here...

Please answer me if I have to use the line you wrote, since it is very hard to test, since the Target-Database lags behind.


Best regards


Too many recos!

September 17, 2015 - 12:27am #2

By the way: 

The new regulation, that ALL posts and replys have to be reviewed is absolutly not acceptable!

I´m not sure why you did this, since I didn´t notice much spam, but it heavily interferes a good and responsive communication between the developers.

Too many recos!

September 18, 2015 - 1:24am #1

I´m using version 4.2.3. Therefor it should already be filtered, if I understood you correctly. (Even if I´d use SDK5 I would have overwritten the default behaviour).
Either way I´m implementing your code now in the "OnNewSearchResult" method, right?

I guess I´m getting a response in about 14 hours, since it takes about that long to review my post, like yesterday...

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