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vuforia cloud database reco

September 30, 2015 - 4:05am #1

I have some questions about interaction with cloud  reco database via my php client portal.

All the functions (addTarget, opdateTarget, deleteTarget, getAlltargets etc) i implemented  in the clientportal are working.

Some actions (as a batch) I want to do as superadmin(clientportal) by myself on daily basis. actions as getRate target(s), activate or deactivate target(s), delete target(s) .

add target and update target my client can do by himself.

Now  i have 3 buttons as superadmin  to initiate the actions(getRate target(s), activate or deactivate target(s), delete target(s)).

Is it possible to initiate these three actions one after each other in short time with a time interval of lets say 1second or Is this to much overhead for cloud recon db. What are good practises for this?(even when i have 1000 or more)

other question if i delete a target or multiple targets  from the cloud db where can i see the amount off recognised targets to administrate

If I take a bronz account or another one is the overview of recognised targets on the vuforia cloud target database the same ass the free version, is there a difference in overview? 

Ok i hope my question are clear,,


vuforia cloud database reco

October 7, 2015 - 9:47pm #2

If you are performing automated sequential actions on a particular target, your script should wait for the server's response after each query before sending the next action query. Check the result code for success.

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