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Wont recognize new images

August 14, 2018 - 5:29am #1

Hi everybody,


I got a very interesting problem:

a cloud reco project of mine was implemented into a native app about 3 years ago. It was not really maintained the last 2 years therefor it is still on an rather old version of Vuforia (6.2.6).

Thing is: 

Old images that are in the database for some time are recognized without a problem on android and iOS. But for a reason I can´t understand, images that I add now are not recognized on iOS (but on android). According to the console the VuforiaServer just doesnt send a Recognized-Event. (Therefor it doesn´t seem to be a problem with the app itself)

I checked the old Unity-Project and had no problem recognizing the new image inside the editor as well as on the iPad, after I re-compiled the project.

Is it possible, that Vuforia changed something, that would explain this odd behaviour? Since it works after a recompilation without updating Unity or Vuforia I can´t think of anything.


Thanks for your ideas.

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