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Activating datasets at runtime

September 23, 2014 - 1:42pm #1

I realize there is documentation for this topic.  But what I've found so far has left me a little confused.

I am specifically looking to Activate/Deactivate Image Target Datasets at Runtime.  That is where the datasets are complete and part of the application at startup.  But where a Boolean button or some other interaction will Activate or Deactivate one or more Datasets.


The page above hints that this is possible.  What it links to appears to be a way of loading and activating databases at startup, but not during run.  Clicking the actual Activate checkboxes in the Unity editor does not work at runtime either, so I'm wondering if this is simply not possible. 

Is there a definitive answer?

Activating datasets at runtime

September 30, 2014 - 3:05pm #2

On the page that the link you provided points to, it says that for safe runtime loading and activating of datasets, to put your method calls into the QCAR::UpdateCallback::QCAR_onUpdate().

To activate a dataset, you can call the ImageTracker instance method "activateDataSet(nameOfDataset)".

The sample code on the following page shows how to:

1. Create the dataset
2. Load the associated XML for the dataset
3. Activate the dataset


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