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Improving Extended Tracking with Image Target that can be presented in a variety of scales.

November 12, 2018 - 12:18pm #1


Looking for assistance in terms of utilizing Extended Tracking with in our project where our image targets can be utilized in a variety of scales.

Example: 0.36m, 0.65m, 1m

We've found that Extended tracking works best when the digital object representing the physical object is scaled relatively the same, any smaller, then the tracking will seem to follow with the device at times when Vuforia switches its state between Extended_Tracking and Tracked.  Assumed similar results occur if the image target is larger than the specified scaled amount on Unity.

Getting to the point...Is it possible for Vuforia to not only register that it's found an image target based on the image found but as well as the scale of the found image target? 

Then to appropriately scale our game objects to enhance to tracking experience? 

Or would it possibly work to have multiple image targets be the same image in our Database and set their Width values differently depending on a set variety of scales we expect a user to scan?




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