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Low recognition of frame markers???????

May 2, 2013 - 1:54pm #1

We are currently experiencing with Frame Markers, but the end result is less than stellar...


In fact, we're having issues detecting them. We printed a few of the frame markers with various motifs. We currently use about 10 different ones to interact in a demo software to try the technology.


I was under the impression that detection would be better than with image markers, but so far we've been having issues even detecting them.

Once the marker have detected, they do track pretty well, untill we remove them from screen, then re-acquisition is again a pain... it is aggravating.


a little background. We tested in play mode with a webcam, on an Android Nexus 10 and on an Android Galaxy S2 with similar results. In unity, the camera options are set to "optimize speed."


Is there anything to do with the frame markers for optimal performance? The documentation states we can put "anything" in the central area, so we did add images to recognize what marker is what...

If we put 3-4 markers and shoot the device at it, sometimes it would detect none, sometimes a few, and sometimes all of them. Let's just say it is currently VERY unreliable.


Attached is an example of our framemarkers. they are printed at about 1.5 inch wide, and we have issues detecting them at any distance, tested 4 inch to 3 feet, even with a lamp showing directly to the area.

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Low recognition of frame markers???????

May 3, 2013 - 12:26am #2


what I may suggest is to read this page:


It contains some general tips and recommendations on how to produce effective Frame Markers (e.g. pay attention to tips on size, contrast, etc.)

I hope this can help improving the quality of your experience with Frame Marker.

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