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Model sticked to screen when camera is panned

November 5, 2015 - 3:14pm #1



I am new to Vuforia and set up a test project with Unity. Running this test app on an iPhone 6, I notice the following behavior: Quite often, a part of the virtual 3d model (the teapot) is sticked to the screen border, although the tracking is completely lost. It happens, when the camera is not shifted, but panned out of the tracking image target.

Here is a link to a video illustrating this. you may see parts of the light blue Vuforia teapot at the screen border, when the tracking is lost.



I would like to know if this is the "normal"/ expected behavior concerning lost tracking. If not, how could I improve it, so that the model becomes invisible as soon as the tracking is lost. 


For this test project, I loaded the Sample Image Target, vuforia-unity-5-0-6.unitypackage in Unity 5.1.3p1. The Vuforia DefaultTrackableEventHandler script as well as the ImageTargetBehaviour script are there and unmodified. (please see the attached screenshot)

The image target is the Vuforia Tarmac picture.


Would look forward to any hints.

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Model sticked to screen when camera is panned

November 7, 2015 - 3:12pm #2

It seems it depends on the target image. Some other images of my own do not show this effect.

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