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Simple coloured rectangle as marker (SEE IMAGE)

November 1, 2016 - 8:57am #1

Hi All,

I've been using vuforia for a while and it's great, really great.  Great at flat markers, but this time I would like my flat marker to be a solid colour.

I know about image markers, vumarks etc... but can it just be a simple coloured shape some how?

OR combined with OpenCV?

I would like to track a green coloured piece of A4 card for a table top game.  If I could have it tracked exactly how imagemarker works, it would be ideal, although I haven't found how yet if it's possible.  Then I will be able to position 3D models in the correct location and perspective.


So I have used OpenCV to detect the green shape, I have 2D coordinates of each corner of the rectangle.  Am I able to pump that coordinate data in to vuforia to force a marker to be at that positioning, then let vuforia do the rest?

I'm currently doing all of this in Unity / C#.

Any help or advice on this is much appreciated!

Many thanks,


Image icon GreenRectangle.PNG574.95 KB
Image icon GreenRectangleFound.PNG566.85 KB
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