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Using Tracking Image to initiate but want to view a wide angle scene where the tracking image may not be in view..?

November 20, 2016 - 12:03am #1

Hi, I am only new to this system and have not even created the first tutorial.

However, I already have an idea of what  I want to achieve and would like to determine if this is the platform for it.

I am on an historic site that no longer exists (old ww2 airstrip that is now subdivided into hobby farms with no remnants except for a plaque and the main road built straight on tope of the runway.

What I would like to do is have someone stop at the plaque and be able to view the airstrip, buildings and stationary aircraft as a reconstruction of how it was.

A more enhanced version might actually have aircraft flying over the top of the viewer (the plaque is at the end of the old runway, and may require a VR headset.

The problem is that the area I want to show is probalby wider/higher than a single view - meaning the tracking image will go out of view.

In my mind that means the device sensor may need to take over orientation.

Did I mention i'm a complete novice? Hey, if anyone out there wants to collaborate i'm also ok with that. I would look to get a grant for the work.

Anyhoo, over to the gurus here...

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