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best choice for target manager?

July 13, 2017 - 4:27am #1

Hello people.

Im new in this world of vuforia and unity.

I created sucesfully a app AR for recognition of simple image target objetives.

but now I want add to the app the posibility of indentify some objects like coins.

I tried recognize coins with "simple image target", but dont work.

Next I tried with "cylinder target", but the coin aparently has a weird aspect ratio and I cant create the cylinder target, give me this error:

"The aspect ratio is invalid. The ratio between the side length and the diameter should be within the range of 1:10 - 30:1" ( I dont fully comprend how works the aspect ratio)

the coin I want identify have these dimensions,  diameter: 23mm and thickness: 2mm


what I can do?, maybe Is there a better way to recognize coins?


sry for my bad english, thanks


EDIT: well, I investigated a little more. Now I susesffuly created the cylinder target, but anyways dont recongnize the coin.

I back to try some thinks with "image target"

if I scan the coin from the screen the recognitions works. but if I scan from the object it fails

I attach a picture of the feature image

Image icon feature_image.png98 KB
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