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Dealing with label overlap in real world test.

May 14, 2014 - 11:37am #1

In our recent test, we've work out all of the kinks regarding the label size for the tracker but are now faced with an issues we're not able to get past. We have a physical store-bought bottle which we're using to testing purposes, but the label is overlapped slightly as part of the production process. This overlap causes the track to jitter out of control as the label doesn't have those naturally occuring features on them.

Knowing that this is supposed to be a real-world test, we can't trim the label on the physical bottle, and are looking for input on how to solve for this. We have tried adding the overlapped "features" to the label, which only helped slightly but wasn't a solution we could move forward with. See the examples below for explanation.


In this image, you see how the label overlaps the end. There is a white stripe on the end of the label which is covered by the other portion of itself. The dark stripe appearing vertically is the very end of the label (dark purple in color) showing through the sunburst design behind the mountain dew label.



Here is a closer shot of it.



Here is a view showing the efforts we used on the target image to try and emulate what was happening on the physical bottle. We tried 2 varients of intensities, but with no success.



So what we're dealing with here is something we can't ask the user to do prior to scanning the bottle, as this will most likely happen 100% of the time due to the production process for bottles and how the label is applied.

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!





Dealing with label overlap in real world test.

May 18, 2014 - 11:18am #2

Hi, if you can somehow take the overlap into account, for instance by creating a "modified" label image  which already "contains" the overlap artifacts (e.g. the vertical line), and you upload such modified image to the target Manager, you might be able to get better results.

However, if the overlap is something that cannot be exactly anticipated and cannot be taken into account in the label image, then I'm not sure if there are other easy ways to solve this...


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