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Android - Vuforia SDK v2.0 integrate SHIVA3D ?

December 18, 2012 - 1:52am #1


We have a problem
How to use Android - Vuforia SDK v2.0 integration SHIVA3D game engine
Our company is with SHIVA3D development game, hope to integrate the function of AR
UNITY's only integrated package in the current site
Therefore, we would like to ask how the Android AR SDK integration with the rest of the game engine

Hi, I don't have direct

December 18, 2012 - 2:33am #2


I don't have direct experience with Shiva 3D engine, and we don't explicitly support 3D engines other than Unity 3D; however it is often possible to integrate 3rd party game engines when these offers some C/C++/Java customization API;

Specifically this is what I found on the Shiva 3D website (www.stonetrip.com), and I think it is encouraging:

       If the authoring type is selected as Project, this will create a zip archive that can be imported into Eclipse as an Android project. The project will contain Java and C files created by the Shiva Authoring Tool. You can edit those files to further customize the application for the target device.

This seems to indicate that it is possible to get a full project in Eclipse and then work from there like in a regular Android project; so it should then be possible to integrate the code from the Vuforia SDK and build an AR app; however I cannot tell how easy/straightforward this would be.

One thing that might be a bit challenging is the rendering of the video background texture which is generated by Vuforia; this will likely require to get access to some mid-low level functionalities of Shiva 3D so to integrate the OpenGL texture from Vuforia; alternatively, another possibility might be to only use the tracking capabilities of Vuforia and have the rendering of the video background completely delegated to Shiva 3D, by accessing the image pixels of the QCAR::Frame object.

I hope this helps.


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