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Lenovo LifeTab E7322

November 10, 2014 - 2:18am #1

Description of the issue:

When running a vuforia app the video feed appears upside down.

Exact Device Model number:

Medion LifeTab E7322

Installed OS version:

Android 4.4.2

Vuforia SDK version

Vuforia SDK 3.0.9

Platform (Andoid native, iOS native or Unity)

The issue can only be reproduced when using the Vuforia Unity Extension;  when running the Android native samples, the video-background is rendered OK. 


The issue can be reproduced with the Image Targets Vuforia Unity sample.

Error Logs:

Nothing obvious in the logs

Device orientation:

The issue occurs in both Landscape and Portrait mode

Back/Front Camera:

The issue occurs with both Front and Back camera.

Camera Mode:

The issue occurs when using MODE_DEFAULT and MODE_OPTIMIZE_QUALITY.

Concurrent camera access:

I am not aware of any other software running on my device that may try to access the Camera while Vuforia is running. I would tend to exclude this.

Occurence vs. Internet connection:

  • can the issue be reproduced on a first run after disabling Internet connection, uninstalling the App and reinstalling it again (with Internet connectivity OFF) ?
    • YES
  • can the issue be reproduced on a second run after re-enabling Internet connectivity and running the app again ?
    • YES

Lenovo LifeTab E7322

November 14, 2014 - 6:24am #2

It appears that on a few devices the video feed are inverted or maybe rotated upside down by 180 degrees;

this issue is not caused by Vuforia, but rather is due to the way the camera image is delivered to Vuforia by the underlying hardware;

a similar issue is dicussed here, with workaround:



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