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Native On Device Debugging, How do you do it ?

December 7, 2010 - 12:19am #2

Hi all,

Everything is nice but how do you guys debug the native side of the application? Until now I could only do it the old fashion way of logging.

I got to the point that I could connect to the gdbserver via Eclipse CDT but debug symbols are not loaded and I cannot pause/resume/set a breakpoint etc.

I have for the moment 3 more options:

1. The DDD as a frontend (I compiled but the arm target is not selectable only x86)
2. swig+manual optimization of the ndk and do all the work on java
3. use ndk-dbg

Any hint in this department is welcomed.

Re: Native On Device Debugging, How do you do it ?

December 14, 2010 - 12:35am #1


I found out the problem. The gdbserver is not compiled with multithread support. !!!!!

I'm not going to recompile it but I found that you can download an OK version form here:


This is a pity as the ndk-gdb is making things easier and this version of gdbserver is not doing the connection magic.

You have to manually attach to the pid of your app.

If anyone is interested I can write more on using eclipse to debug Ogles apps on android.

All the best,

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