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Problem deploying Vuforia on Surface Pro 4

July 9, 2021 - 6:25am #1


I am trying to deploy a Vuforia app on UWP device (ie surface Pro 4). 

I follow the instruction from this link

I build a UWP app from Unity and then build an executable file from visual studio 2019 v 16.9.2

But when build succeed, I try to run the executable from Release folder and it throws errors these dll are missing




Can anyone help what is going on here?

I've reinstalled those dll yet the errors won't go away. 

Many thanks


Problem deploying Vuforia on Surface Pro 4

July 12, 2021 - 11:44am #3


Thank you for replying to my question. Finally, I got help from my colleague who was able to find what the problem was. 

It seems errors caused by the WinRT DLL files are due to how the APPX/MSIX is packaged during the build process - you don't run a UWP app by the .exe file, instead from the shortcut in the Start Menu.

For those who are having the same issue, please refer to these link below

See here for related info:




Problem deploying Vuforia on Surface Pro 4

July 9, 2021 - 11:35am #2


so according to the device is in the Vuforia Engine recommend devices list and should actually work. It looks like that some of the libraries are not in the path . Could you search on your machine (e.g. search tool Agent Ransack) if you find the missing files and add them the current path. I think it is a question of the  the deploy. What happens  when you call the run button in the Visual Studio Gui ?

Another question is if there is an issue with project configuration . So you can try with the Core samples  . So you can check with this asset and follow the instruction of

You can add for example an script and then see if this compile and later deploy the project to UWP - so to ensure that there is no issue based on some issue in your project for example using some special libs, extensions assets etc...

Regarding to the app deploy you can also check the link


Vuforia Engine Support





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