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RealSense depth camera initialization

March 2, 2017 - 12:33am #1

Hi everyone,

There are some problem confusing me in development of intel RealSense depth camera R200 application with Vuforia:

(R200 includes a RGB camera and a pair of IR camera)

Scenario :

1. I want to use Vuforia to develop AR application with R200 camera.

2. The RGB camera of R200 is used to capture real scene by Vuforia, and the Depth Stream is used to build depth mask for occlusion.

Problem :

1.When Vuforia initializes the camera (only RGB camera is open) first, i can not enable depth stream and initialize IR camera in an another normal operation.

2.On the other hand, when I  initializes the cameras first, the Vuforia operation will return "initialization failed".

"Is there a possible way to set the camera device initialization property before of after Vuforia accessing that?"  

( I am sure that the camera and the script are functional normally, and SR300 (another RealSens depth sensor) can work normally in this situation.)


Kyle Yang

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