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Samsung devices suppport

August 9, 2011 - 1:22pm #1


can you please confirm that all devices below are supported by AR SDK for Android ?

1. Galaxy S
2. Galaxy S II
3. Galaxy S Wifi (4.0 & 5.0)
4. Galaxy Tab
5. Galaxy Tab Wifi
6. Galaxy Tab 10.1
7. Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi

I was going through the list of supported devices, however didn't find anything in relation to Galaxy S II for example:



Re: Samsung devices suppport

September 29, 2011 - 1:40pm #3

I've tried to deploy Image Targets on my HTC Hero yesterday and got the message telling that the device is not supported. Am I doing anything wrong, or apparently not all the Android 2.1 and higher devices are supported?

Re: Samsung devices suppport

August 9, 2011 - 1:46pm #2

Hello Vlad,

All Android 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 devices are supported by the QCAR SDK. Unity supports a subset of these devices. Please look for an update soon that will support Android 3.0 .

Please note that a network connection will be required to run an app with QCAR so make sure your wifi devices are connected to a wifi network.

Thank you,


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