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Webcam Profile folder not included!!

November 4, 2015 - 10:09am #1



I am new to vuforia and unity and have recently being following a guide on how to create a simple AR scene;

I have worked my way through the guide however on the last part of the guide when i attempt to view my finished creation via my laptop webcam an issue arises.Basically when I hit the play button I get a black screen and nothing else.I have tested my webcam using a website and it works fine.I get the follwing errors under the AR camera menu see attachment.

"An error occured while trying to enable vuforia play mode"

"Webcam profile not found"

"unfortunately there is no profile for your webcam model" etc (See screenshot) After checking the following folder C:/ProjectAR/UnityAR/Cube2/Assets\Editor\QCAR

I can see that the "WEBCAM PROFILES" folder is entirely missing including any subsequent XML files.

Could someone please send me a link to download these profiles?

maybe even the specific "FJ camera" profile (Fujitsu) :)


Image icon webcam profile not found.PNG59.43 KB
Image icon cube test2.PNG444.25 KB

Webcam Profile folder not included!!

November 4, 2015 - 11:32am #2
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