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How to provide feedback

December 8, 2021 - 5:23am #1

How it works:

  • Check if your feedback fits the selected category and if there's already submitted feedback from other developers before creating your own.
  • Be clear with your feedback, provide use-cases and solutions to the improvements you are posing. Feedback without actionable details may be removed without comment.
  • Instead of creating similar feedback posts, try to upvote or comment on existing feedback.
  • Make sure to share your post with others to gain more support!
  • Note: Feedback is not a guarantee that we will take action on an idea. We will try our best to communicate why an idea may not work, but may not always be able to share that information.
  • Titles that are unclear or unnecessarily vulgar may be reworded to better reflect the request for ease of discovery.


If you need help:

This area of the community forums is for feedback and ideas only. If you need help, please check out the support center or other community discussion forums for tons of articles that may answer your questions. 


Appeals or commentary on suspension decisions, support requests, suggestions disparaging others, and non-constructive feedback will be closed without comment.

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