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Best Eyewhere Solution

April 9, 2018 - 1:50am #1


We are currently looking at a range of eyewear products (Mainly Hololens and Vuzix) to create an AR experience(s) for commercial use. As it stands we have not yet had any hands on testing of the products, apart from trying a few on at different events. The aim is to develop an app(s) that will be used as a marketing tool, delivering an AR experience to potential customers/consumers. The app will provide information regarding the product and allow the user to see and interact with it as well.

The App

The app is currently focused around a particular product but could be used as a template for further projects down the line. 

All will have a front end UI linking to various documentation e.g. PDF’s, videos, websites etc. Via on-screen buttons that the user can interact with. From there the user will be able to launch the AR experience where they can view and interact with the 3D model. Interaction could involve moving around the model, spinning the model, selecting individual components to reveal product information or playing an animation.

The app will be developed in Unity and Ideally could be used across other platforms such as an Ipad or android tablet.



The main question is, based on this outline and your experience, what eyewhere solution would best fit our use case?

What are the performance limitations of the products? We have come across some issues on tablets when dealing with large scale models (1Gb OBJ files). Can we expect the same sort of performance as a tablet?

Are there any extra requirements? E.g. connection to the web.

Any help is most welcome and thank you in advance. 

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