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Does smart terrain work on BT 200 . yes. or . no ?

August 16, 2015 - 12:21am #1

Pulling out my hair here

I am trying to get the penguin smart terrain sample working with Moverio BT 200. 

I am using Unity 4.6.3f1 with Vuforia 5.0. I downloaded the Penguin-5-0-5.unitypackage. 

Yes I am using digital eyewear license key. Created many fresh ones just in case.

I switched the camera to stereo. I am able to see the stereo video feeds working in the unity play mode


When i compile for android I am able to install and run the app. However the instructions and the can outline are cross eyed.

When i move the camera on moverio up against the target it recognizes it and sample goes to next step.

At that point its just a black screen with the 'done' button. There is no augmentation whatsoever. 


In the AR Camera i noticed there is a 'viewer' pull down. It says none, cardboard, gear vr, and other. I set it to none (the pop up hint says this option is ignored in see through glasses. If i set it to other it asks for a viewer id. I have no idea what the moverio viewer id is.


Has anyone gotten this to work? I have gotten the stones image marker to work and even custom image marker. 


Please help. under deadline


thank you


Does smart terrain work on BT 200 . yes. or . no ?

August 16, 2015 - 1:44pm #2

on further exploration, i am able to get smart terrain to work if i use the video feed. this then makes the moverio bt 200 act like a tablet/phone where i can see the video feed with augmentation. okay thats fine but what i want is stereoscopic vision


how can i make it work like it does with cardboard ar? i would like to have two video screens with 3d mode on in moverio

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