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GearVR is it possible to get the camera feed?

December 18, 2015 - 8:41am #1

Hey all,

I've spent the best part of a day or so looking and can't find a definitive answer to whether it's possible to display the phone camera feed that vuforia is using for marker recognition as a background - I've tried messing with the various settings on the cameras and have had no luck, just a black background, I've followed the guide available and have a working build with marker recognition, the build works, but what I want is the feed that you get when using Vuforia with a standard application such as on Android.

One thing I've noticed is that a shape will appear behind the marker object being rendered (using a set of capsules rotated) whenever the marker is being seen, flickering from red/blue every 6 seconds or so or when I move my head in the GearVR.

I'm using Vuforia 5.0.6, Unity 5.3.0, and OVR Mobile SDK, the cameras and other settings are as described in the guide, except that Virtual Reality Supported is unchecked to allow for builds without the dex error occuring.

Am I looking for something unsupported or am I just going crazy and missing a setting somewhere?

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