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Moverio BT-200 stereo cam drift

February 22, 2016 - 2:42am #1

Hey guys,


We've been playing with the following setup:

-Moverio BT-200

-Unity 5.2.3p2

-Vuforia 5.010


We were able to get the sample with the teapot working on the device and looking good but when we tried doing our own little setup things started going wrong.

When it was just displaying 3d objects it all seemed ok, but since we added 2d UI elements anchored to the camera we saw a huge drift between the two eye cameras. This drift is so noticeable that sometimes we got to see the UI and 3d doubled. It seems that the right eye has a right offset (which makes sense to create the stereoscopic effect) but also a downard one (which totally kills the effect). This is also noticeable on the 3d models if they're small enough and positioned on the center.

We've tried playing with initial camera positions but the outcome is always the same. These values must get set when launching the application so we're failing to have any sort of control over them. We've read the documentation on digital eyewear and found out that the offset and scene scale values are ignored by these platforms so how are we supposed to fix this drift? Is anyone else experiencing the same issues? Are we doing something wrong?


Thanks in advance for taking the time to read through this and trying to help us!



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