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ODG R-7 camera initialize failed

September 26, 2017 - 7:31pm #1

hi, I want to use odg r-7 with vuforia. 

and I build vuforia default scene "StereoAR" and "ImageTargets" at odg r-7.

but when app started, camera initialization errors are occurred. 

Is project setting wrong? I don't know why camera is failed...

please help me .. thank you 


09-27 10:47:33.788 7857-7872/com.virnect.odgtest E/AR: Failed to open predictive sensor

09-27 10:47:37.137 7857-7872/com.virnect.odgtest E/AR: CameraDevice::getCameraCalibration(): Failed to get camera calibration because the camera is not initialized.

09-27 10:47:37.329 7857-7872/com.virnect.odgtest E/camhalwrapper: camhalwrapper with lock protection enabled!

09-27 10:47:37.348 7857-7872/com.virnect.odgtest E/mm-camera-intf: Open sensor_init subdev failed

09-27 10:47:37.348 7857-7872/com.virnect.odgtest E/QCamera2Factory: qcamera::QCamera2Factory::QCamera2Factory(): 0 camera devices detected!

09-27 10:47:37.349 7857-7872/com.virnect.odgtest I/camhalwrapper: Opening camera 0

09-27 10:47:37.349 7857-7872/com.virnect.odgtest E/camhalwrapper: Camera hardware initialize failed

09-27 10:47:37.349 7857-7872/com.virnect.odgtest I/camhalwrapper: Destroying camera 0

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