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Problems setting the world center mode to a target. Moving objects over time works unexpectedly

August 14, 2017 - 4:45am #1

I'm creating an app where objects are placed on an Image Target during runtime. These objects are parented to the image target and move around in the space above the target. I use transform.position = lerpedNewPos in these object's update function. The new position is a random point near the origin of the target, for example (1,0.5, -2.1) Without the GearVR and Vuforia the behaviour is as expected: they smoothly move from their last position to the new coordinates. 

In order to implement Mixed Reality I used the step described in: https://library.vuforia.com/articles/Solution/Integrating-Gear-VR-and-the-AR-VR-Sample-in-Unity-5-3-and-above.html

The MR does work perfectly, and objects that don't change their position in Update() are correctly aligned to the imagetarget. The objects that lerp around do instantiate at the correct position, but move unexpectedly over time. 

My guess is that the world's 0,0,0 position is not at the image target so I have tried changing the settings in the World Center Mode on the ARCamera, but none of the settings seem to be working.

World Center Mode: SPECIFIC_TARGET and FIRST_TARGET both don't display the objects at all.

World Center Mode: CAMERA makes the objects move slowly towards the camera, as the objects move near 0,0,0 which of cource is now at the camera.

World Center Mode: DEVICE_TRACKING does the same as CAMERA.

I have no Idea where to look for a solution. My guess is that I need to use SPECIFIC_TARGET or FIRST_TARGET as I want the world 0,0,0 at my target. But when I lerp an object to for example 1,0,0. It's nowhere to be found.

The above happens both in my personal project, and in the AR/VR sample from vuforia with the steps implemented for the GearVR.

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