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Stereo Rendering 2D Text on Target

December 20, 2016 - 12:56am #1

Greetings ,

I am currently developing an AR application for Moverio BT-200 with Vuforia and Android Studio. I am using the StereoRendering example as my "base" code. The idea is to augment UI on a wall , where multiple frame markers lie , but im still trying to do simple things.

I want to augment a simple 2D text on a marker (frame marker) . My problem is that i cannot achieve a very good effect , since the text appears "duplicated" , i guess because of the projection matrix and the eye adjustment matrix used to render 3D objects with disparity for each eye .

What i want to achieve is , when a user looks at the frame marker , or generally when the frame marker is within his eyewear camera range , he can see a simple text , at the location of the marker , facing the user , something like a UI effect .

Making the text always facing the user is easy , since you can modify the modelview(pose) matrix and set its rotation to identity (therefore keeping only the translation part of the pose matrix) . What i cannot achieve is rendering the text at the correct "Depth" so when the user looks at the marker  ,the text doesnt appear duplicated (as if it lies on a different depth) .

The way i render the text is augment a 2D plane on the target , and drawing a texture with said text , on it.

I have also disabled the eye adjustment matrix (which , if i understand correctly has to do with the optical calibration for each user) .

I have tried using an orthographic projection (instead of perspective) but it produces terrible results.

My frame marker is 5cm x 5cm . When i create the marker in the code , i put the same size (int size = 5) as a parameter but i am not sure this is correct.


Any suggestions ? (Sorry for the long post)

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