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ui issue for moveria bt200

July 31, 2017 - 11:03am #1

Hi  I  need some  help  as I  have  been stuck with this  issue  for  a week now .  I  have  no back  ground  in  programming  so  bear  with me ..

I made an  AR  demo with vuforia   for moverio  bt 200  and  am  having issue with a simple  UI  menu


I was  able to create  a  ui  with  button  and dropdown   in world canvas  , place  a world space  cursor  so  the  UI  and cursor  appear   in  editor   in stereo ..


but when  I  build  it   for  android  /moverio  bt200  the custom  world   cursor  in  unity   is suppose to  replace  the default  hardware  cursor in  moverio  android

but it  doesn't  .. and  I see both cursors   interfering  with each  other  ..by  interfering  I  mean  the  custom   unity  world  cursor  is  unable to  move  freely  in

the  unity  canvas  because the  default  android cursor     reaches  its  bounds ..

the  click triggers  are  still  on the unity  world  cursor  and and they  work ....it just  doesn't  move freely


please  point  me  in  the  right   direction   as  hours of searching  has confirmed  that  android cursors cannot  be  hidden   so  atleast  someway  for both to 

move/work   together  / there must  be someway  to make  a simple  UI  for moverio   //aargh


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