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Unable to setup project for GearVR

April 7, 2015 - 9:40pm #1

So I am having issues seting up a unity project for Gear VR. I am following the instructions found here exactly. https://developer.vuforia.com/library/articles/Solution/Developing-for-the-Gear-VR


I start with a brand new Unity project. Import the Vuforia 4.1 beta unity package and place the ARCamera prefab into my scene and press the "Switch to Stereo Camera" button.

I then import the UnityIntegration.unitypackage from the Oculus mobile sdk. At this point nothing changes on my ARCamera prefab. There is this button under where the "Switch to Stereo Camera" button was that says "Enable Oculus Integration". It looks promising so I click it.

The OVRInit Controller script is added but it has an error "Please import the Oculus SDK into your project to enable automatic integration with Vuforia. Please see the developer library for more information: developer.vuforia.com"

Any idea why it's not recognizing my imported oculus sdk? I have tried restarting everything multiple times to try to refresh it but nothing seems to work.


I am using Unity version 4.6.4f1


Unable to setup project for GearVR

April 7, 2015 - 11:10pm #2

I will answer my own question. This will be useful for others since it is not clear in the documentation.


Vuforia 4.1 eyewear beta is only compatible with the Mobile Oculus SDK Version 0.4.2. They are currently on 0.5.0, but the newer versions have different files and the vuforia beta does not work with them.

Also, from that instruction file, it should also be noted that nothing will happen to the ARCamera until you make all of the changes to the files that are listed. So you will not see anything added to the ARCamera prefab right after importing the Oculus SDK into your project.

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