Target Manager - Troubleshooting common issues

March 14, 2014 - 8:01am #1

The online Target Manager allows you to create Device and/ Cloud Databases and upload targets (Image targets, multi-targets, cloud targets...) onto your DBs.

If you get an error message while using the Target Manager to create/upload a new target, check the following conditions:

  • your image is in one of the supported formats, i.e. PNG or JPEG
  • your image is either grayscale or RGB-24 bit. In particular, this means that 32-bit images with an alpha channel (RGB + Alpha) are not allowed.
  • your image size is not exceeding the 2 MBytes

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In addition to the points above, if you are creating a Multi-target (cube or cuboid), you need to make sure that the aspect ratio of each image is precisely matching the aspect ratio of the corresponding face on your cube or cuboid. The aspect ratio is computed as the ratio image_width / image_height.

For instance, an image with a resolution of 1024 x 512 pixels has an aspect ratio of 1024 / 512 = 2

For a cube (all dimensions are equal) the aspect ratio of ALL faces is always 1.

For a cuboid with dimensions W (width) x H (height) x L (depth):

  • the top and bottom face images must have an aspect ratio equal to the ratio W / L
  • the front and back face images must have an aspect ratio equal to W / H
  • the left and right face images must have an aspect ratio equal to L / H

For more details about how to use the Target Manager, please consult the developer guide:


Image target rating

Image Tagets are assigned a star rating, depending on the quality of the target. The star rating will influence the robustness of the target with respect to detection and tracking. The star rating can ary between 0 and 5 stars. The higher the rating, the better.

For more information about how to create high quality (high rating) targets, see:




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