Technical - How can I remove a Target from a Dataset

April 28, 2014 - 7:06am #1

The Vuforia SDK allows you to remove targets from a Dataset, only if the targets have not been loaded from a Device Database.

This practically means that you can only remove User Defined Targets (UDT). 


This can be achieved using the Dataset class methods.

JAVA (Android native):

myDataSet.destroy ( myUserDefinedTarget );


C++ (Android and iOS native):

myDataSet->destroy ( myUserDefinedTarget );

See also API reference:


C# (Unity):

myDataSet.Destroy( myUserDefinedTarget, true );

See also the API reference:


Note that the Unity API - Destroy() method takes an additional boolean argument (true / false) to specify whether you want the gameObject associated to the target to be destroyed or not.


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