Unity - Player Settings

August 10, 2015 - 8:22pm #1

Unity Player Settings for Vuforia projects can be a source of problems if incompatible platform settings are selected. The Player Settings layouts changed a bit between Unity 4.6.x and Unity 5.x. Here's some comparison screenshots of the Vuforia-compatible Unity Player Settings for iOS and Android in Unity 4.6.x and Unity 5.x to verify your project settings against.

Key Settings for Vuforia Unity Projects:

  • Make sure OpenGL ES 2.0 is explicity selected. Turn off Automatic for Graphics API. Vuforia doesn't support iOS Metal or OpenGL ES 3.0.
  • On Android, make sure to use ARMv7. A device may have an Intel chip, but Vuforia needs to be compiled with ARMv7 and the device can attempt to use ARM emulation to run it.
  • If you're using "Stripping Level" and experiencing crashes, then set it to "Disabled".
  • For iOS, use IL2CPP for the Scripting Backend. Mono (2.x) is 32-bit only.
  • Use "Forward" for the Rendering Path.

And be sure to read the Unity documentation on iOS and Android Player Settings.

Unity - Player Settings

September 30, 2016 - 2:54pm #3

iOS 10 has introduced a new requirement to have a string value description assigned to NSCameraUsageDescription specified in the Info.plist of the Xcode project.

Unity 5.4.1p1 added field for this in the iOS Player Settings. From their release notes:

  • iOS: Added PlayerSettings to specify microphone and camera usage description. Needed for iOS 10 / Xcode 8 compatibility.


Unity 5.4.1p1 iOS Player Settings:

Additional compatibility explanation on Unity Forums:


Unity - Player Settings

March 10, 2016 - 4:02pm #2

Vuforia 5.5.9 introduces support for iOS Metal, so you can now keep the Auto Graphics API checkbox selected in the Unity iOS Player Settings.

Note: The Apple Metal API is supported for iOS 8+, though Cloud Reco requires the use of iOS 8.3 and above*

* Vuforia SDK Release Notes

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