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Android Application

April 18, 2014 - 2:29am #1


1.Application  is  not  displaying  in  Android  phone Developed  a  project  where are  few  image  targets+3d  objects+audio added  in  one scene.The  markers  are detecting the  3d  objects  through webcam  but  it  is  not  working  when  produce  .apk  format  file  and  instal  it  in  android  phone(Samsung S3)  ,ITS JUST  APPEAR  UNTIL  UNITY LOGO  AND  THEN  APPLICATION  CLOSE  BY  IT SELF............MAY  I KNOW  WHERE IS  THE  ERROR  HERE.....

Android Application

April 20, 2014 - 10:37am #3

hi.Thank  you for  replying.

Actually,there  is  no  error  in  run  time  log.let  me  explain  the  actual  step  i  followed  to  developed  the  development

1.i  have7  image  targets+3dmodels+audio  where i add  all of  them  in  one  scene;

2.i  also  have  add  some  scripts......ImageTargetAudioPlay(for audio),DefaultTrackableEventHandler(to  make  the  3d  object  appear only  after the marker  was  detected),ImageTargetTrackableEventHandler(for  the marke).i  have  edited  the  name  according  to  each marker's  name  exp:ImageTargetTrackableEventHandlerKarbohidrat,ImageTargetTrackableEventHandlerProtein......etc)  and i   followed  the sample  app  and  add  the  Scene  Manager  to  hiercacy

3.Then,produce  .apk ,install  it  in android  phone.I  have  change the  marker  of  the  imagetargets-2-8-9_SAMPLE  APPS  and  install  it in android phone,its  fuctioning  and  the  marker  is  detected  and  the  tea  pot  is  appeear.....  but  when  develop  my  project in  same way ,the application  can  installed  in  android  phone  and  open  the application  but  the  screen  goes  dark blank.....then,hang.....the application close  automatically......

4.I  have  attached below all  the  scripts  that  i  have  used

5. i  think  i  have left  some  scripts  here but  im  totally lost......



Binary Data bytes
Plain text icon Scripts.txt20.69 KB

Android Application

April 18, 2014 - 1:45pm #2

Do you see any errors in the runtime log of your app session? 

If you have Eclipse, you can see the log in the DDMS, otherwise you can write the log to a file..


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