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Android- calculate the distance between camera to the image target?

March 10, 2017 - 3:28am #1


I am beginner in Vuforia, I’m trying to calculate the distance between the AR camera and an image target via Vuforia on Android, I found this code on the vuforia forums but when I try it, I don't get the good results.

TrackableResult result = state.getTrackableResult(tIdx);      

Trackable trackable = result.getTrackable();

 Matrix44F modelViewMatrix_Vuforia = Tool.convertPose2GLMatrix(result.getPose());

Matrix44F inversMV = SampleMath.Matrix44FInverse(modelViewMatrix_Vuforia);

Matrix44F invTranspMV = SampleMath.Matrix44FTranspose(inversMV);


            float cam_x = invTranspMV.getData()[12];

            float cam_y = invTranspMV.getData()[13];

            float cam_z = invTranspMV.getData()[14];

            Log.v("QCV", "Posx=" + cam_x + ",posy=" + cam_y + ",posz=" + cam_z);

            float distance = new Float(Math.sqrt(cam_x * cam_x + cam_y * cam_y + cam_z * cam_z));

            Log.v("distance ",""+distance);

Can you help me please ? is there another function or code to calculate the distance?


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