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Android - Vuforia SDK v2.0 integrate SHIVA3D ?

December 18, 2012 - 1:52am #1


We have a problem
How to use Android - Vuforia SDK v2.0 integration SHIVA3D game engine
Our company is with SHIVA3D development game, hope to integrate the function of AR
UNITY's only integrated package in the current site
Therefore, we would like to ask how the Android AR SDK integration with the rest of the game engine

Hi yashiro1943, I appreciated

December 19, 2012 - 3:09am #2

Hi yashiro1943,

I appreciated this is probably not the news you want to hear, but there are no plans to support SHIVA3D.

If you wanted to attempt the integration yourself then you may need to start with the native Android SDK and build a plug-in that is Shiva compliant, though just to clarify we have no experience of Shiva.

Just to be clear, if you did want to attempt this, it would be a major piece of work as I know how much effort has gone into the Unity plug-in.

My suggestion would be for you to evaluate the Unity plug-in with Vuforia using the free version of Unity.  It may be possible to output an Eclipse project that somehow you can integrate with your existing Shiva3D game, though I cannot say for sure.



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