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Another Deadline Extension?:))

January 4, 2011 - 10:34am #1

Dear Qualcomm AR Admins,

Over the last couple months of working on this project I have slowly come to confirm my initial fear: Coordinating and rigorously working on a group effort over the holidays(especially Christmas and New Years) is not possible(or nearly impossible.) Especially if your group mates are heading home for the holidays and coordinating across time zones.

I realize the deadline's already been extended once, which I really appreciate:) I would like request another extension of the deadline as my group members, and I am sure others participating in this contest are coming back from the holidays this week and we would like at least an additional week to playtest our game and tweak the gameplay before submitting it to the contest.

thank you,
Kedar Reddy

ps The new Unity Extension has been of great help:)

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