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[Ask - Technical How to] Dynamic text recognition, then show-up information and text

July 8, 2016 - 7:21am #1

Hi experts,


I'm quite new to AR, so I'm trying to get a view on how to achieve my requirement technically.

My requirement is to recognise texts which could be added at runtime, then after the text is recognised I need to show some information in form of text and button. I need to create this for mobile application (Android and iOS).


As far from what I've read, we could achieve this by using the Cloud Database and VWS. Every time a new text is generated, then I need to use my server code to generate an image of the text (since text is not supported yet in cloud database. CMIIW), then use the VWS to synchronise my CMS and the cloud database.

Am I correct? 


Thank you & Regards.

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