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follow moving object

January 18, 2017 - 7:50am #1


how to make the AR camera follow a moving object ....even though the tracker is lost....

this is what i want..

1.i will point the AR camera to a imagetarget (for example stones and chips)

2.i augment a 3D tea pot....which will be moving slowly...out of the image target

3.user has to find the teapot by moving the device horizontally......like using a magnifying glass.

4.i can go close to the object when i move the device close to the augmented object (kind of zooming in )


I know its most likely like Virtual reality and Augmented reality combined .When i show the image target.That point in the 3D space should be the fixed for 3D teappots(0,0,0).from there i can freely move the device or PAN the device across the room to find the teappot...which is always moving.how to acheive that ?

thanks in advance


follow moving object

January 23, 2017 - 1:16pm #2

Look for the feature called "extended tracking". In this mode it should continue to provide you with marker poses even after it is out of the device camera view. The accuracy of this is highly dependent on the background environment though.

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