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Free App but paying markers?

December 14, 2016 - 1:13am #1

Hi all, 


I wonder if any of you is in the similar position and how did you solve it. 

We create an App that use a marker that we manufacture and sell (it is not a standard print). Therefore, the App is free, but the special marker must be bought through us. 

Of course, Apple does not like that and refuse our App. 

Any idea how to solve this situation (beside ignoring all iOS deployment, which I consider, but still...)

Many thanks for your input



Free App but paying markers?

February 6, 2017 - 10:13am #2

Offer a printable sample the user can download.  This doesn't have to have all the functionality of the app just a portion of it or maybe it's something different.  Apple just cares that the app is not totally useless.   And make it clear on a help page in the app and in the App store description of where to download it.  We've released about 7 apps and there's was only one time they denied the app (reviewer probably didnt look at it too well).  We just countered it and said that the app and the description both say where to get the marker and they let it through.  Also try to make sure you have some more screens/menus than just an app with a camera view.  They might see that as limited functionality.



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