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How to exactly layer of 3D object on Real-world Object?

February 14, 2016 - 10:54pm #1

Hello Friends,

I've seen a couple of examples on PTC's THINKEVENT presentation of how we can layer a 3D object, exactly on top of a real world object's size and dimension with the help of Vuforia's VuMark. Is it possible only with Vumark?? or we can develop with the current Vuforia 5's Unity3D SDK??

If its possible just give some guidence or links. And How is that possible to keep the 3D object on top of real work object? Because right now, we have image based traking, in which once if we scan and augment, it's in the size of how we fix it unity3d, not based on real world object size and its dimension. Or even 3D Object scanner which is just possible only for some toys and small objects right now.

I've attached some snapshots...

Please help me. Thanks :) Jeeva

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How to exactly layer of 3D object on Real-world Object?

April 16, 2017 - 10:27am #2

Hello. Any updates on this? I am trying to do something similar via VuMark but unfortunately it seems that the VuMark position does not stay the same although the VuMark stays at the same spot. Shouldn't it be the same if the object with the VuMark does not change its position?

In an "OnTrackingFound" method, I read the position like this

var vuMarkPos = vuMarkBehaviour.transform.position;

Thanks for any hints! I am totally stuck.



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