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How to use the Vuforia android onVuforiaUpdate function?

January 15, 2018 - 11:11pm #1

I'm currently downloading the sample code videoplayback of vuforia for android.

It's a lot of code and file so I can't up code directly onto it.

In file Videoplayback.java, it uses initApplicationAR () to transmit the video link on the player, and the initApplicationAR () function in @Override called the onInitARDone (SampleApplicationException exception).

In this file there are more @Override onVuforiaUpdate function 1 (State state), I would like to transmit 1 turn the video link from the jaws cursor to @Override onInitARDone (SampleApplicationException exception), but the problem is that onInitARDone are processed before onVuforiaUpdate.

onVuforiaUpdate handle to receive information from the cloud of vuforia, but was dealt after the video has been load in onInitARDone, so when click play it will not have traditional values.

Has anyone had done through or know the logic to handle for this part?

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