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Image Target and 3D Model linking

August 3, 2013 - 12:43am #2


I have a general query related to linking Image Targets with 3D Models. Looking at the sample codes, I understand that the 3D models are embeded in the app itself.

I will try to explain with an example:

Let's assume, I have 2 databases in a hosted server.

ImageTargets Database
3D Model Database

Both databases have a one to one relation and form a ImageTarget and 3D Model pair (IT1->Model1, IT2->Model2, .........,ITn->Modeln)

Now, whenever the app running on a mobile detects a ImageTarget it should communicate with ImageTarget database to check for corresponding 3D Model and the corresponding 3D Model should be downloaded into mobile for displaying in AR.

Is it possible to achieve this?
If so, can anyone suggest me the approach or the required artifacts to achieve this?

Image Target and 3D Model linking

August 3, 2013 - 9:53am #1

That is possible, but the implementation will depend on which SDK version you are using. For Unity, the models can be packaged as AssetBundles. Unity provides the model loading and rendering features necessary to accomplish what you are describing. But for the native iOS and Android SDK's you'll need to integrate a 3D rendering engine that can load models at runtime. There are several 3rd party solutions for iOS and Android. But these will require some knowledge of OpenGL, and usually C/C++, to integrate. For example, developers on the forum have successfully integrated the JPCT engine.

My advice is to investigate Unity Pro unless you have the experience to integrate a 3D engine yourself.

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