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Image target identification and tracking in relation to small object...

May 25, 2021 - 6:57am #1

Dear Vuforia community,

I am writing in order to get some advice concerning the use of image target in relation to small object (1,5 inches in length). What I want to achieve is to make image tracking work with a small red object.

When I use white paper with corners as a sticker attached to it, it works well.

But when the object is used itself, Vuforia does not recognize it.

When I am using two connected objects Vuforia is able to recognize, but cannot distinguish between the models (although I am using as red object image as image target) 

I do know about the recommended minimum. At the same time I want to know how far Vuforia can go in identification and tracking. So far stickers seem to be the best option followed after 3d model target identification. I want to know how can I make Vuforia recognize image target of that small red model alone. Any advice? Maybe any tricks or hints?  

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Image target identification and tracking in relation to small object...

May 27, 2021 - 6:25am #2


Possibly you can use object where the object outline (the object contour/ border) should have a different / with high contrast to the object color) color with withe  or black (or the object color is red then the color of the border is green etc.) Also, the contour edge color should be different to the environment /background color

I see in your picture file that you use 2 times the same target - simultaneously - scan at the same time and this will  not work. I think , it is better when  the same object appears many times - so more then one instance of the object is scanned at the same time- in this case is better to use different targets /extra target for the composite object.

Also you can try to use an object target (instead of image target) for better recognition result


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