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Image targets with Static and Dynamic data

September 20, 2019 - 2:26am #1


I have forms with some static fields and dynamic values against those fields. For example,

Name : Meghaksh

Surname : Brahmbhatt

"Name" and "Surname" will remain same for all user while the values will change. While creating the image target I have removed all dynamic data and only static content I am using as my image target. And I want all the user to detect their own form with the single image target I am using. But detection is not accurate. On Physical form with data, it is not showing any augmentation I have placed against the fields.

Any way to resolve this issue? I have also tried user defined targets but there augmentation are not at the exact place for all the user. It depends on how the user is taking the image at runtime. 


Thanks & Regards, 


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