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Newbie Questions, Paper, Frame Markers, Image Trackables

March 5, 2012 - 8:42pm #1

Hello All,

Newbie here :) I have a few basic questions and Im hoping to get insight on if anyone is willing? If you have an answer to one of my question please add the question number. I apologize for all of the questions they just kept coming as I was writing.

1) Is there a certain type of paper that works better than the rest? Would glossy be better than regular? (id try it but Im out of glossy at the moment :P ).

2) What's the difference between using Image Trackables or Frame Markers? (Im using Unity 3.5 and will have animated characters in the AR scene).

3) where would I find the other 512 frame markers?

4) If I use these frame markers would other apps be able to read them or use them?

5) When uploading your own images (image trackable) what is the "Width"? Im not sure what to put in here if I have an image thats 1500 x 1050px. Also what if I want a smaller image for example 200 x 200 px what would I put in the "width" field when uploading an image.

6) will the "with" that you put in while uploading an image affect the size of the plane which will be the ImageTarget in the game scene inside of Unity.

I seriously appreciate any answers you can provide Im new to AR and these are some of the things that are not clear to me so I thought Id ask.


Re: Newbie Questions, Paper, Frame Markers, Image Trackables

March 6, 2012 - 5:55pm #4

Thanks for the reply's greatly appreciated!!!! Also sorry about the question numbers (I fixed them) I was dead tired last night :P

1) Alrighty I'll stay away from any kind of reflective paper, thanks for the insight, it makes sense.

2) Ok, so the difference is appearance and frame markers can use id's.
Do you know if tracking performance is better for one than the other?

3) Sweet, My apologies I didn't realize there was a zip file containing them all :P

4) Thank You :)

5) Really appreciate the help with this one!!!
The width is in mm, so instead of thinking in pixels I need to put in the width as mm :) A4 paper Id just put in 210 if I wanted the white border and 173 if I wanted the white border.


Thanks a million it really clears up a lot! I guess the question on tracking performance between frame markers and image trackables is my last question :D

The forums here seem to be just as good as the Unity forums and its a pleasure to be here!


Re: Newbie Questions, Paper, Frame Markers, Image Trackables

March 6, 2012 - 9:29am #3

Sceada is correct. Materials that diffuse reflected light will perform better than glossy materials. Glossy surfaces will tend concentrate reflected light, which can 'blow out' areas of the target. When this happens, the effect is very much like occlusion - the tracker is unable to detect features in those regions.

2) A FrameMarker is a type of fiduciary marker which utilizes a specific design and method for encoding the ID of the marker. These are the square frames that you can find in the Editor/QCAR/FrameMarkerTextures folder of your project after you've imported the extension.

ImageTargets can be any image w/ a sufficiently complex pattern and distribution of contrast variation. The Stones and Chips images distributed w/ the SDK are examples of good image targets.

3) you can find them in the Editor/QCAR/FrameMarkerTextures folder of you project after you've imported the extension.

4) yes

3?) This is where you define your scene unit. In practice, it's a good idea to use a unit that reflects the actual dimensions of your target - i.e. the size of the physical target that you'll be using.

4?) That's width - it's where you define the width of your target ;)

Re: Newbie Questions, Paper, Frame Markers, Image Trackables

March 6, 2012 - 1:35am #2

Hi Kodagames, I'm also a new guy in this field but i try to help you. Maybe my suggestion are wrong, so it would be good if someone else with more experience could check my answers!

1) I have no experience to this kind of question, but i think everything what has a shiny surface isn't good for this technique


5) I think the width is the physical width of your Image. For example: The Stone Image has a white border, a A4 Paper has normaly a size of 297*210mm, with the white border it must be 247*173mm. Ok now take a look to this file which is located here "..\vuforia-sdk-android-1-5-9\samples\ImageTargets\assets\StonesAndChips.xml". What you will see is the physical height and width of your trackable image (297*210mm).

6) I think you need the width to determine the center point to project the 3D Object


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