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Newbie without a clue where to start.

November 23, 2016 - 1:51am #1

Hi Everyone,

many apologies if this is not in the correct place, but I am completely new to augmented reality and Vuforia.

About me.

My background is within art and design. I am no programmer, other than being able to write html and some css for page markup, but even this is out of date by about five years. I am also  pretty ancient, (over 50 and from the UK) and used to work in games industry in the 1990's using 3D Max etc, but for the last twenty plus years I have been completely out of touch,and have been working as an illustrator and writer.

I am developing a book project and would like to use augmented reality across various platforms (ipad, iphone, android etc) but have no idea where to start, other than with Unity and Vuforia. Can anyone give me some basic pointers to get me going. I would like to be able to display 3d objects (static and animated), but also import pre-scanned additional text/images etc overlaid into specific regions of a page. I see from existing promo videos that this is achievable, but have no idea where to start. Any help would be great

Many Thanks Ian SM, complete newbie.

Newbie without a clue where to start.

November 28, 2016 - 5:44am #2

Hi Ian SM,


I am also a developer in UK working on some vuforia projects for a smaller company. Even though we are using videos for our projects. Starting with it I felt as lost as I imagine that you are doing now. I also see that this reply is a bit late so you might already have given up and moved on. But if not I can share some of my experience.


1. work in Unity 3D, at least thats what I found easiest (but then I got a lot of previous experience in Unity).

2. download the SDK and for example the advanced examples which contains video prefabs.

3. create a new project in Unity, import the downloaded files by simply drag and drop into the project.

4. open one of the existing scenes, such as the sticks and stones scene project.

5. build it to your device of choice (iPhone or Android) and have a play to see if this is something for you.

6. try and get a basic project of yours going starting from the sticks and stone project or which you go for.

7. create a license key and a database (under Develop tab at the top). upload some images (which the mobile camera will look for to start the AR).

8. Download the database(s) you have created and import them to our projects.

9. Activate the database(s) you have imported in the AR camera prefab.

10. Drag in a image target and pair up a trackable (picture) from your Database(s), add a video prefab as a child to image target, put in the video name then build and see the result! 


Best of luck to you and see if this is for any help!

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