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Reading multiple markers along the way

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I know that "extended tracking" provides an extended space to put AR objects around when the marker is out of frame.

However, would it be possible to use multiple markers ( not the box one from example )by placing it around the room so that I can have more stable 3d space along the way that I am rotating camera around to build more stable 3d space?



So for Instances,

If I have #001 marker in my camera frame and initialized 3d space from it.

As I am moving my camera view from left to right and I see #002 marker in my camera frame so now there is 2 markers (#001, #002) in my camera frame..

And I am keep moving from left to right so I don't see #001 marker but I have #002 marker in my camera view to preserve the same 3d space that I initialized at the first time.

Is it possible to preserve the same 3d space continuously by initializing new markers continuously? 



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Reading multiple markers along the way

May 16, 2014 - 2:36am #2

Hi, looks like you posted twice the same question/issue, see here:

Please, follow up discussion there.


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