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Reset Game Objects OnTrackingLost

June 14, 2016 - 12:33pm #1

I search for some threads where they explain how is possible to reset the game objects simply re-loading the Scene with a button. I already do that, but I want to achieve that automatically. For example: If I had a 3D model of a CAR and I can translate, rotate and scale the model. Then if I "scan" another TARGET I can see other AR content, then get back to the TARGET of the CAR, but I don't want to see the CAR in the position I left it, I want to see that CAR in the original position.

How can I achieve that without buttons? I try to add the code to load Scene "Main" OnTrackingLost or OnTrackingFound but does not work. If I put the code to load a scene on Tracking found, then loops reloading forever (see the camera view, black screen, then reload and again and again). But if I put the code to load a Scene OnTrackingLost, then I just see a BLACK screen.

This is a example of the code:

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