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Shop Kiosk A.R Setup

January 31, 2013 - 6:03am #1



 I'm wondering what would be the best method for developing an in-store A.R presentation. 


For example I create  iOS Apps but maybe that's a bad idea as each user would have to download the app from the app store yes ??

Is it possible to have an app run from one ipad that projects the image onto a large screen ?

I know that iTV box reduces the image size.. so any image sent from ipad to a TV screen is reduced in size.  I would like a user in a shop to view the app full screen. 

I was thinking maybe I should build for Media Player and then project it via an exteranl camera to a TV screen  & have it constantly running on a hidden laptop?


So, in a nut shell... what would be the best method ?  


Note:  I have Unity4 iOS Pro.

I was thinking of using a standard FlatScreen TV  and running the app thorugh the TV.. since I am using X-code to build my apps.

Any tips on setting this up would really be appreciated. 

Shop Kiosk A.R Setup

February 26, 2013 - 1:45pm #6

Thanks so much for the code.. I will test it later this evening once I get aces to the big screen.

Landscape mode  fills most of the screen quite well using an iphone5 and a Sony SmartTV.  


I will also try building to an .exe file and load it using windows & an external camera mounted on top of the screen.


I am not sure which will give better resolution ?   but I am alittle worried about having an iphone running 12hrs a day 

Is this even possible ?   I did turn off sleep mode o nthe iphone and it just keeps going as the phone is being fed both power and transmitting HDMI

I'll have to test such a setup though as this will be sitting in a store for a god few months... 




Shop Kiosk A.R Setup

January 31, 2013 - 7:41pm #5

Here is a function that you can use to set the device camera used by the SDK ..


	private void SetCameraDirection( CameraDevice.CameraDirection camDirection ){


But my advice is to use the rear camera, which is the camera on the back of your iPhone / iPad. It's a higher resolution camera, and you don't need to worry about reflecting the image. The front camera is the one on the face of the device, which is above the screen. 

Also do you see the same black borders when your app is set for landscape orientation?

Shop Kiosk A.R Setup

January 31, 2013 - 6:28pm #4

Thanks for the reply,

I have tried a few AV adapters.. the problem is they do not allow for wide screen.. so a large proportion of the screen is blank on the left and right. 

Perhaps I can simply cover  the blank area with a large cardboard printed banner.   

Additional problems: 

 changing to rear facing camera.  Should I flip to rear facing iPad Camera ?   If so  How do I set  Rear Facing Camera in Vuforia ?

note:  Perhaps I stick to the iPad's front facing camera as it's  a higher MegaPixel camera.. yes ?   


FLIP IMAGE -  Left to Right :   I think if a user simply stands in front of the iPad and holds up an target card.. the video displayed on TV will be reversed.. yes ??  right -left . This will break the illusion .. yes ?      I know LCD monitors allow you to flip an image but I will be using a TV screen.







Shop Kiosk A.R Setup

January 31, 2013 - 8:14am #3

Have you evaluated any of the AV adapters available for the iPhone / iPad? These would enable you to relay video from your device to a TV or projector. 

Also if the public will be handling the device, you'll want to look into the Guided Access feature of iOS 6 - this enables you to dedicate the device to a single app. 

Shop Kiosk A.R Setup

January 31, 2013 - 7:04am #2

Hi, sounds like a very broad question, not sure how this fits in here, but perhaps other Forum users have similar experience to share (?)


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