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Showing Fingers over AR object in Vuforia

June 10, 2020 - 2:17am #1

Hello Everyone,

I am a beginner at using Unity and Vuforia and I am building an app for Android that allows user to pick up a 3D physical object which has a marker on top of it. Once the Marker is detected an AR object replace the 3D physical object. My problem is a very common one in AR which is fingers are obstructed behind the AR object. What I want is to to show the fingers as if are holding the AR object. I have been trying to google this for long time and I only found very few step samples which are quite complicated for a beginner like me. If anyone in the forum can please help me sort out this problem. I need a clear guidance with simple language for me to reapply those steps to my project. Also I Know of Vuforia occlusion management asset but I am not sure if that applied to my problem

Many thanks in advance.

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